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About Binghui


Our company has officially assembled the excavator since 2009, and has provided modification platform business with many enterprises for rotary excavators and other special equipment, bringing good reputation and continuous orders for users. The main products include: Yantai crawler excavator, Doosan assembly excavator, and Yantai production excavator. Our company now has a number of professional excavator designers who have the ability to independently design high-end and high-end excavators. The company has passed the environmental assessment and acceptance of the Environmental Protection Agency in 2017 and obtained an environmental protection certificate.

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Our strengths and services

Binghui is a modern enterprise integrating engineering machinery sales, spare parts supply, technical services and product maintenance.

Service philosophy

The market is the direction of the enterprise, the quality is the life of the enterprise, the market is the sea, the enterprise is the ship, the quality is the sail, and the man is the helmsman. The customer is ...

Service policy

We prioritize product quality and company quality as our core strategy. Basic policy One center, two focuses: customer focus, service and accessories focus......

Service training

Let the excellent concept of customer service be truly penetrated by the customer service staff's words, deeds, smiles, etc., and reflected in various measures of the company's customer service ...

Maintenance guide

The engine oil and the oil filter element must be replaced with genuine parts and replaced according to the prescribed maintenance cycle. The old machine needs more care...

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